DVD Movie Freezes on Standalone Player

I already looked around and could find an answer to this.

I used to have a LDW-411s, now a LDW-851s. I use CloneDVD + AnyDVD and use Ritek + blank media to copy.
Whenever I copy a movie it works great on my PC but when on a standalone player it starts freezing towards the end to the point where it is impossible to watch the movie. I have also noticed that it doesn’t happen on the same place every time, most of the time towards the end of the movie. Same thing happens on 2 different types of standalone players.

Would really appreciate any help.

Tried different media yet? What firmware are you using? If you haven’t yet check out the LiteOn forum and download a copy of GSC2 firmware, it’s the best of the best for your 851S.
Learn how to use Kprobe and scan your discs for errors (see Tools guide in my sig).

As Sssseth already suggested this is probably die to media of bad quality. Trying out better media and updating your drive’s firmware will help you get rid of the freezing.

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Another thing you could try is to lower the recording speed. So, if you’re now using 8x try recording the discs at 4x. Some discs/recorders work a lot better at a lower speed.

Thank you all for your help, I’ll try some other media, new firmware and I’ll look into the Kprobe and las but not least burning in 4x.
The fact of the burning speed could be true, maybe the 8x DVD are not mature enough to handle the burning.