DVD movie firewall

Hi I am triying to copy my DVD movie Firewall and neep some help.I used DVD FAB then VobBlanker and then DVD Shrink.No problems with DVD Fab or VobBlanker.But when I use DVD Shrink it analizes to 94% then it has a error message.(MESSAGE: DVD SHRINK ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR AND CANNOT CONTINUE PROGRAMMING ERROR-EXCEPTION OCURED) I do not know what this means. I have burnt othere DVDs that I own with no problem. Dvd Fab, VobBlanker and Dvd Shrink are all upto date.Any help with this problem or advice will be very much apreshated. Thank you jdvock123

download anydvd trial and have it running while you use dvdshink and see if that will fix your problem. If so look at buying it to me it was worth the cost and then some.