DVD Movie Edits


I’m not sure if this is the right forum since there is an “Edit” forum and a “Copy DVD Movie” forum. I’ll give this a shot though.

I’m new to all this fandangly copying/editing DVDs. I’ve read around a bit, and am stumbling. Basically, my goal is to make copies of my DVD movies but edit them in one way or another. For instance, I want to edit out a part or two in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” so my younglings can watch it with the objectionable content removed.

I have a Dual Layer DVD Writer, so compressing it down to 4.XG isn’t required (though should I?).

Since I’m just starting and experimenting with doing this, I would prefer freeware/open source applications. I may decide it isn’t worth doing and as such do not want to put capital toward it. That said, suggested retail products are welcome, too.

I don’t mind doing legwork if pointers are provided, but I keep going in circles as is. It seems there is a very large bar to get over, but that may just be my confusion.

Much thanks. Hopefully I didn’t miss a blantant FAQ or anything.


What software came with your DVD writer?

The excellent freeware program DVD shrink http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/ will do what you want This program is no longer supported though and so may not get round latest copy protections (basically try it first).

For a small one-off fee, I would recommned anydvd for that facility (visit anydvd forum). They aslo have a program clonedvd2 as well that may do what you need. Both these can be trialled free of charge for 21 days.

Nero OEM (Express) 6.

See if NeroVision Express is part of it. Nero OEM Suite 3 came with my Pioneer A10XL, and I now prefer NVE3 to the Ulead suite that came with my previous Pioneer writer (for most things, anyway).

I imagine that like most commercially pressed discs, CTHD will be copy protected, so you’ll need to circumvent that first. As Oilman said, try DVD Shrink - you can even use it for rudimentary cuts.

I’ve heard of CTHD (taped it off SBS some time ago, but still haven’t watched it!), but I’m not familiar with the DVD. If you’re using single layer blanks, you may have to “shrink” (transcode) the movie to fit. Cross that bridge if/when you come to it. You can use dual layer blanks of course, but they’re still a bit expensive w.r.t. single layer.