DVD Movie Covers (slicks)

Anyone know where i can download dvd movie covers (slicks) as all mine were damaged in a recent flood ? thank you. :rolleyes:


You can find the highest quality at…www.dvdcoverart.com…for a small fee. They have the best covers I’ve seen yet

seems like its got legal issues at the mo.

Thanks all for the help cheers, bobyo

also try megasearch …here’s the link

I am the guy who those stupid dvdcoverart.com PRIVY members blame for their troubles on the forum, before they bumped me, I was Cool Rider.


I asked for cover requests and most all snubbed me. I put in for 20+ IMDb requests and only The Green Berets, Hellfighters, and Iron Eagle were made for all not the person that requested them. I had to retype my requests for they erased them all doing dozens of LOTR instead of what the requesters wanted. Why not go to DVDCoverart forum, save it in favorites and see how they have twisted my private to one person e-mails.

I am a newbie to this forum also lets see how you treat me, I think the well heeled great performers on the dvdcoverart forum like to go after newbies not to help, but to have some one to make a joke of. Thanks for listening and I didn’t e-mail Disney, I said it to one person just to see if she would believe me. I am for covers and what is our right to back up what we purchased as much as you. I am a disabled cripple but so what we all sit to type on our keyboards, what has standing got to do with it? :a

This “Abused” fella is a right pain in the arse on DVDcoverart. 99% of his threads are either locked or deleted. He posts for attention. Glad to see you got the “I’m a cripple” bit in mate, nice one!
He also has about a dozen other usernames on DVDcoverart as well.

Yeah “abused” requested in the forum not the main website…the forum rules say “NO Request threads”

Sorry for the interruption…

Now on subject, I am a DVDCoverart.com uploaded artist, some samples of my covers can be found at
My Site go to the DVD Replication /Cover samples inn the left menu to see if I have any of the covers you need… The feel free to email me if I did make any you need…

I am all for covers but their is a request this cover which last year I requested about 20, only 3 were made for all not one request was filled for me personally. Their are Dozens of each epeisode of LOTR but the friggen lazy members won’t even do a scanned “Breakheart Pass” or “Hard Times” 2 of late actor Charles Bronsons best movies. They treat newbies to the DVDCA forum not with help but sarcasm.


  1. did you realize that “Requests” are just wish-lists? YES or NO

  2. When the site was up, did you notice how the Requests list was several hundred titles long? YES or NO

  3. When the site was up, did you understand how the Requests list was simply a list that could be viewed by anyone in the entire world - and that it was up to fate as to whether someone out there in the world would notice your request and decide that they would like to fill it for you, out of the kindness of their heart? YES or NO

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, you’re a freakin’ idiot.

I’m positive that Cool Rider/abused is acting this way for 3 reasons:

  1. He’s trying to get our sympathy for being involved in a “career ending road accident on June 8th 1985”.
  2. He’s trying to get attention by being a self-centered prick and pissing off everyone he can… on the internet… (I still don’t know why he doesn’t pop by Wal-Mart and start to run over little kids with his wheelchair, if he hasn’t already)
  3. He’s mentally underdeveloped

My guess is all three. Obviously this idiot chooses not to respond to any kind of comment, probably because he has nothing to say to defend himself, so arguing with him is like arguing with a brick wall.

Only on wheels.

I no longer believe the person is who he says he is. Too many comedic touches to his posts - the former roller skating championship, the “I ruined my covers when I rolled over them with my wheelchair” story (now replaced by the “flood” story), all reek of a lying dork.

Believe what you want it’s your priviledge to be wrong or right, why not call Matt up at 410-271-5950 he’s from the USA Maryland to be exact. Ask him what’s really going on, then tell all of us, so we are not in the bleeding dark anymore.

Wow, you can use WhoIs, I am so impressed.

Two words stuck together, sounds like a bit of schizophrenia, a broken record brain repeating or changing words every so often to become one like a schitzo willb3d. There’s hope yet even for that mental condition like prozac did you forget to take it?
Now Who is What, you can answer that when you the Prozac takes efffect. TTFN


Here Here…

jonboyalton your so full of it friggin avatar button that won’t f/ing work, damn this frorum was correctly named.

abused has abused this forum and will take a small hike.