DVD movie copy "stutters"



I have $ if someone has solutions. Seriously… I have better things to do with my time and copying DVD’s should not be such a task.

I’m a software developer, so there’s not an issue with understanding installations and technology. I’ve used a couple different burners, media brands, softwares and players… and I still get similar problems. Many of my copies “stutter”. I don’t know a better way to describe it, but the movie will be playing and then ‘hang’ on a scene, like it’s temporarily lost or confused. It usually recovers (maybe skipping some frames) and then usually goes on for a little while an hangs again… And, sometimes after several minutes, the rest of the movie is fine. I can also forward thru the spot and then it continues.

Here’s a list of the things I’ve used and I nothing seems to have better than a 70% success rate.


  • AnyDVD with Nero 7.0
  • DVD Cloner 3


  • TDK DVD+R (100pk from Costco about a year ago)
  • Fuji DVD+R (just purchased from Best Buy 2 weeks ago)


  • Sony DW-U18A
  • Sony DWG120A (seem to be relatively new, not much info on them)


  • Toshiba SD-K740
  • Portable unit for my vehicle. Brand uncertain off the top of my head.


  • I’ve tried 2 different computers. Latest model is 2.8Ghz, 1G RAM, SATA hard drives all Intel motherboard/chipset.

Now… I’m dead serious… if someone can solve my issue, it’s worth a good $50+ I’ll drop in a PayPal acct or mail to anyone willing to provide an address. That’s a first come, first serve basis… can’t afford ALL the right answers. :wink:


  1. Media - I read somewhere that DVD-R should be used instead of +R for movies. Is this true?

  2. Media - do brands really matter? I’ve read that some people have had issues with as low as 50% success rate with certain brands of DVDs. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Like I mentioned, I’m a software developer. Once the code is cracked on the copyright, this is just data being placed on a media disc. Why in the hell do I need to dig this deep into the topic to get this accomplished?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated as this has been frustrating me for several months. I’m going to go have a drink to calm down now… :wink:




You have either CRC errors on very high PIF or PIE errors. This can be solved by switching to a different burner and media combination. I have no clue what your Sony burners really are, others will I am sure, but if you switch to MCC 004 or TY T02 media you should have no problems. I would suggest an LG drive or the Pioneer 111. Neither has any current problems. The LG will handle bitsetting. Burners are available at Newegg.com.

The MCC media is generally available from Office Max or others sold as Verbatim. The CMC version is better (at 12X) and there are a number of threads with info on how to find which is which. Taiyo Yuden 8X+R is available from many online sellers. Rima.com is the best.

Welcome to the forum; advice here is free.


Thanks for the reply chas, but some of that is greek to me.

So, I hear about people complaining about a ‘brand’, but there is actually a ‘type’ associated to the media and that’s more likely the culprit? Why? That just sounds like another pain in the azz and I don’t understand why burning DVD’s should be any more difficult than burning a CD.

Where can I read more on the media types you mention?

What specs do I look for in a burner if I want to minimize issues?




With your Sony drives you should be able to do what is called a Disc Quality scan with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. This should be part of the toolkit supplied with Nero , otherwise it can be found by clicking on the link above.

If you can do this it will help us to see what the problem might be. With this app run at a 4x speed - might not be correct scanning speed for the Sony , but it can’t be too far out. At the top right of this app is a floppy icon. After the scan click that & save the image in PNG format & post that back here under Advanced , Manage attachments.

What speed to you burn at? Hopefully it’ll be the rated speed for the media & not the slowest speed available.

It’s never necessary to offer $ here. Everyone tries their best to help regardless of incentives like that.


A good start to read about media types and brands.


Download CDSpeed and you will be able to determine what media type is on the DVD discs you use. Brand means nothing.

Specs mean nothing for burners either. Different burners with different firmware do better or worse with different media types at different burn speeds.

If you don’t want to go through the time we have all spent to find the best combinations you have to take our word for it. Rima.com is the best seller. Taiyo Yuden +R 8X media is consider as one of the best and is generally the highest quality burn on the widest variety of drives. I have tested 12 different burners and ony one was not near perfect with this media. You cannot reliably get it under any other brand name so Rima is the best choice.


I am willing to bet his TDK +Rs from Costo are CMCs :slight_smile:

P.S. What speed do you burn them at ? Try burning them at their rated speed (8x if they are rated 8x, instead of 4x.)


I have a Sony Burner multi R-RW 16X Duel Layer DRU-820 A & Dynex 16X IDE A 188 Duel Layer.

Which I used 8X disc but run them at 2X Speed
and 16X Disc I run at 1X Speed.

And i never had a problem with them the movie i burn come out great & they play in all Players (thats important 2 me) Skip & pixies Free. +R come out great too with the low speed i used.

When i did burn movies higher then 8X or Higher i notice Problems on Playback.

My question to every one is why burn them at a highly speed whats really the different ? is it less time to wait 4 a movie to be burnt? I just notice that burnt movies seem to respond better to me & my DVDPlayer with a low burnt speed.

P.S. I did have to download the firmware 4 the Dynex to run 16X “Vertbatium” (maybe a miss spelled word) How would you all rated The two burner i have on your list of DVDBurner.



At a higher speed it’s ok to burn with high quality media, with crappy media it’s sometimes better to choose a lower burning speed.


Sorry for the delay. I had to back-burner my burner issues.

Ok, I ran the Speed test by Nero. Attached are the results and a screen shot of the app and graph. There was a couple spikes near the beginning. How do the numbers look?

My Sony is a dual layer DW-Q120A (PYS1).
Capable burning speeds:
+RW 8X
±R 16x
-RW 6x

I don’t think the older version of DVD-Cloner allowed the user to change the burning speeds… it seems like it was automatic. But, I’ve tried maximum and lower burn rates and it didn’t seem to matter on the new version. Same thing happens on Nero.

I looked on Rima.com at TTY media. They don’t have DL media yet?

I’ll be back in a minute…



I checked out both medias that I’ve used.

TDK DVD+R seems to be CMC.
Fuji DVD+R RW looks like it’s PRODISC R05?

If I want to check a disc for quality after a burn, should I use the Scan Disc tool by Nero?





The first images of running Nero Speed, Disc Quality were with a new movie DVD. That’s probably not what you were looking for so I did the same thing with a copied movie DVD that I know stutters. The graph looked VERY different. Here’s the PNG of the results.