Dvd movie copy stress

Hi, I am new to this and need help. My question is this; Can I copy a Region 2 DVD movie and make the copy as Region 1 and not just Region free?

With dvd shrink you can; simply check what region you want in backup options

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I guess you have one of these infamous standalone players that were set to reject region-free discs…? :a

Anyway as geno888 mentioned, it’s a breeze with DVD Shrink.

If you’re new to Shrink, follow the two links in my signature. Nice guides!

You can make it region 1 but it will be still in PAL format.

Thanks a lot Francksoy, nwg and geno888. I will download DvD Shrink and try it out. Actually I own a Sony DAV-C770 Region 1. I have copied some other movies using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD making the copies region free but the region 2 movies are the problem. I copy them, they appear region free but wont play. Also I have this movie “24 Seasons 2”. The region is 2 and PAL labelled on the discs but when I insert them in my DVD burner, they appear as NTSC on AnyDVD. Is this possible? Please help

Hey guys, I still need your help on the last thread I posted. Any help will be appreciated. Also I need help on how to convert PAL to NTSC. Very urgent please

but the region free copies you made do play on your computer software player (powerd dvd, windvd) don’t they?

DGPulldown can convert progressive PAL to NTSC for DVDs. The running time remains the same and the audio does not need to be altered.


Thanks guys. Yes, the region free copies play on my computer but i like playing on my standalone Sony Dav-C770 Region 1. You know the sound is so different. I wil try the DGPulldown for the conversion. Please where can I find this software?