DVD Movie Copy problem

Hi all,

I am trying to backup a DVD i recently bought. its fairly new… 2006.
I have tried DVD Shrink it gets to 69% then fails.
I tried Clone DVD it gets to around same point and then fails.
I tried copying the Video_TS folder directly to hardrive… it fails when copying at about the same stage.

The movie plays fine so i know nnothing is corrupt.

How can i backup my movei?

Thanks for your time!


You probably have a bad source disc or you are not using AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD2. Try cleaning the disc, sometimes that helps.:iagree:

Nah it’s probably not a bad source disk. I have several DVDs released within a year to 6 months ago I tried to copy to my hard drive that get CRC errors that are fine but AnyDVD, DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter all get stuck at the same points on them.

If you tell us the name of the movie, we will then tell you what method to use.

For me it was Perfect Storm, 40 Year-Old Virgin and Audition Special Edition. I really wanted to copy the Audition.

Sorry for the late reply guys… i did not have CloneDVD 2… but i had anydvd… so i started up Anydvd and then once it was open i tried using DVDShrink and it backed it up successfully. Plays reallly nice now. Thanks for all your help!