Dvd movie copier



Hello can anyone help me out with the next 2 questions…

  1. Which brand of stand-alone DVD player let’s me use both ZONE1 and ZONE2 CD’s and doesn’t scramble the Video Output when you try to copy a movie to VHS ?

  2. Any DVD-WRITER (not DVD-RAM) available 2 copy DVD MOVIES, pricin’ isn’t the problem… and euh… ofcourse an adress 2 buy the Media would be welcome as well.

I have a collection of about 600 DVD (mixed ZONE1 and ZONE2 movies) so if you’re in search for a title for rippin’ it 2 DVD feel free to let me know, I don’t want to do it myself b’cozz it takes 2 long and the quality still suc*$s.

My sincere thanks for all serious reactions concerning these topics…

  1. I’ve got the DVS (DigitalVideoSystems)… veeeeeeeery good!
  2. sorry, I don’t know

“…collection of about 600 DVD…” very interesting!!!

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