DVD movie clip to animated GIF



My end goal is to extract a small 10 or 20 second clip from a commercially bought DVD and convert it to a animated GIF.

Couple of software recommendations:
First, what software to use in order to extract a small specified clip from a commercial DVD? I have not read any posts that go into detail on which software packages can actually extract segments from a DVD.

Secondly, what software to use in order to convert the extracted avi file from the DVD to a animated GIF?

Is a animated GIF the best way to go to show a movie clip on the web or as a signature on a forum? Would a flash file be better?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated.



    • you have to hold the right to do that
    • you have to get (freeware) or to buy the necessary instruments/applications

For that you can look here:

Flash http://www.surfpack.com/software/videotoflash/

Anim. Gif http://www.jmcgowan.com/aviconvert.html


These are just examples, from a simple and easy search. You can elaborate it further.
The choice depends on your goals, required file size and effects, integration within the other info you have to offer or to post.


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Video Avatar will do the job. It´s not free however…try it anyway.


Another highly useful tool is Super from eRightSoft


[B]Ok, then for my own homemade dvd’s.[/B]

[B]Yes, I realize that.[/B]

[B]I know how to search, but I wanted some software recommendations from people on this forum who have done similar work.[/B]

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: