Dvd movie called control



hi tryed ripping this movie its like a B grade moive never made it to box office so what i dont understand is i cant rip it i tryed dvd shrink it loads the opening disk then when u goto rip it it errors so i tryed VoB blanker it rips it to hadd but shrink wont rip it it says unkonw files i havent tryed clonedvd2 yet cause my ran out on exp date i was just wondering if its some new protaction maybe its odd though begin on a B grade movie

i read that marcovison has made RipGuard DVD but i dont thinkit would be used yet


Have you tried ripping with free program DVD Decrypter (download newest version)?

AFAIK, RipGuard will start only in 1-2 months.


Did you physically check the disc (original) for scratches or defects? Sometimes defective discs will act this way.


it had no scratchs on the disk it was a new dvd


I had same prob. I used Decrypter-VOB Blanker-Shrink-
in that order. Using Blanker was the only way I could get
a good copy even with all the updated Drcpt and Shrink pgms.
Blanker is a freebieā€¦