DVD movie burning problems



The movies I burn on to DVD’s are just fine but the problem I have is that none of the DVD’s I burn have sound. I cant figure out why because the file itself has audio but when I burn it, the DVD doesnt. Can anyone please help me figure out why there is no audio when I burn my DVD’s.



How about what programs your using and the specs on your system and what dvd drive etc. etc. and what media your using. Also you should search this forum to see if someone else posted on this subject. Good luck.


I hope somebody answers this soon with a helpful answer, as I am having the exact same problem. I have been using Nerovision Express 3 to burn dvds and it burnt several fine. Then I attempted to burn another file and when you get to the screen with the “fake” remote control that allows you to preview the movie you’re burning, it plays one sound (so I know volume etc. controls ARE working) and then there is no sound whatsoever. It is an .avi file and it plays just fine with sound via four or five players on my computer. I’ve tried switching between lcmp and dolby on the audio tab of the dvd section and it doesn’t get me sound!!! Any help?