DVD Movie Burning (DVD9 to DVD5)

Hi All,
Need help, I have Just made a iso image using Magic iso of a dvd monie which is around 7gb. But my problem is i am trying to put it to a DVD 5 disc.

Any ideas how to? I have used DVd shrink but get an error INvalid DVd navigation structure. Used clone dvd and cannot do anything, Oh dont have the original dvd anymore only the image, any ideas


Sounds like it is one of the new Sony ArcoSS protected DVDs.
I would recommend…

  1. Mounting the DVD image on a virtual drive (like Daemon Tools or Alcohol)
  2. Ripping the DVD from the virtual drive with the latest DVD Decrypter.
  3. Opening up the DVD with DVDShrink from the folder DVD Decrypter ripped to.
  4. Backing up with DVDShrink (make sure you do use “Advanced Analysis” for good quality results).
  5. Burn back files made with DVDShrink using Nero, or output with DVDShrink to an ISO and then burn with DVD Decrypter.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Ben,

Thanks fot the advice,
Right followed all instructions, Used dvd Decrypt to rip. I think u were right it must have had some kind of copy protect, it tried to brute force. Created a new image after 15-hours, But same error occurs with the DVD shrink Invalid dvd Navigation structure, Any more advice

You could try installing the latest AnyDVD and restartiong the computer. Then mounting the image, ripping with DVDDecrypter (on the default settings, reset the to default). Then try opening the DVD with DVDShrink.

If that doesnt work the only thing you can do is leave AnyDVD on your computer, get the protected DVD again, and then you should be able to make a copy from that with DVDShrink.

If you want I can explain to you how to make a copy of the main movie only (lose all extras, menus etc.) I think that should still be possible from the image you have.

Ben :slight_smile:

Thanks i will give it a try and let you know, I get this message The disc is not supposed to be protected by css/cppm decrypt the encrypted data? Any ideas what it means? This is what i got when i did it the first time and i choose yes. But still did not work but i will try using Anydvd and ripping it again

Thanks gagin for your help


I have installed and ran Anydvd and mounted dvd image made by magic iso,
ran dvd Decrypt and getting an error Invalid IFO/BUP file patching failed and on another file Encryption detected The disc is not supposed to be protected by css/cppm decrypt the any ideas