DVD movie backups sometimes suck

I have a Plextor PX 708A (internal IDE), plenty of disk space and memory, fairly fast sytem, etc. I have a Philips 642 DVD player, the one that supposedly plays everything.

I mainly use the latest version of Nero, along with DVD shrink, DVD decryptor. When I burn the movies, I always do a verify after recording. But some of my movies keep stalling for several seconds during playback on the Philips player. It usually doesn’t do this playing on the Plextor.

I try to use decent media. Some of the especially bad ones were Prodisk (MCC 02RG20), which has also made very good recordings, Ritek G04, which has likewise made a fairly good recording.

I’m wondering if it’s a media quality problem, or a media mismatch, or possibly something software related in the re-encoding. I normally don’t have problems with prerecorded DVDs, although once or twice I’ve had slight pauses or audio skips.

I’d buy a better player if I knew that was the problem, although I’ve heard that the cheap players often work better.

Any ideas?

So MCC 02RG20 is both good and bad? Did you use media from the same spindle or batch?
I suggest you sacrifice one blank and use free program Nero CD-DVD Speed test, and do the Create Data Disc command, and see how the burn goes.

Yes, and yes.

The burns always go well, and verify 100%, and also play well on the computer (although one disk actually had one file that had a bad CRC in it, and I was unable to copy that section (not main movie, fortunately).

For the last really bad one that kept pausing on my Philips player, I was able to copy the main movie back to my hard drive, and burn another copy that played perfectly (to a Taiyo Yuden TYG02).

I suppose I can try updating the software on my Philips player, although it’s not that old.

BTW, I never try to record above the rated speed of the media, and I’ve done some Nero speed tests that always come out at the rated speed.

Thanks for you suggestions, though.

dvd-rom drives are almost always more capable of reading media than a standalone player, so comparing the performance of the two is of little use. it’s possible that your player is simply less capable of playing recordable media, although i have a 642 myself that seems to work fine. try playing your copies on other standalones to see if they have the same problems.

Thanks for the reply. I did try one fairly bad copy on a cheap Memorex player that was much worse. A friend just got a new Samsung player, and said he’d try one out, so that would be good input.

Have you found your 642 to be sensitive to media? Maybe I just have a dud. Maybe I’ll try flashing it with the latest software, if it doesn’t already have it; I haven’t actually checked.