DVD Movie Backup Problem

I have been using Magic DVD Ripper and Copier to backup my movie collection. I’ve had issues with two movies in particular. When I backup the movies I backup only the main movie so when I want to watch a movie it’s starts immediately. The two movies are Basic Instinct 2 and Underworld 2. The copies i’ve made of both start out blank for between 60 and 90 seconds then play perfectly after that. Tried several times on both with no luck. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Ron

Magic DVD Ripper Great program :iagree: I got it back when they had the lifetime update/upgrade :bigsmile:
Have you thought about ripping using Full disc mode then use DVD Shrink to re-author on those problematic backups :wink:

Also are you using version 5.4.9 ?

I’m using version 5.4.0. I have several other programs so i’ll try doing that. New to this forum, don’t know how to send a private message yet.

If you want to send a PM(privite message just click on the user name of who you wish to send a PM to and select “Send a Privite Message” :wink:

I still use DVDFab to RIP, DVD Shrink if needed, and burn with ImgBurn.

I still use DVDFab[B]([/B]Platinum w/mobile[B])[/B] myself it is my best tool[B]([/B]specially with lifetime update[B])[/B] in the old toolbox :iagree: ya never can have to many tools :bigsmile: