DVD movie and menu only.It's possible


How i can copy from a DVD only the main movie the menus of DVD and the subtitles?

Can anyone knows a program about this and the kind to make?

Thanks you

yes its possible i use a ripping program called clone dvd2 if you want i can upload it for u just email me la@greatnesstx.com

or just download it at www.slysoft.com

Try DVD Shrink, it’s ideal for that stuff.

Shrink and CLONE! Shrink is the best. We are all wishing CLONE2 will add a few of the nice SHRINK features soon! CLONE2 is getting close to being the next king!

Sorry but when tring from Re -Author mode to keep the menu and the movie, i had the following message

“If you want to keep menu and movie use full back up mode because it’s propably the DVD not compatible to a DVD player”

I had copy this DVD and not play on my DVD player.

So if anyone knows what ecxactly must do please help me.

Thanks you

You can over ride that, but don’t! Just use full backup mode and compress it to suit your needs. Unselect languages/audios and make all menus still images! You can also compress unwanted chapters down to a still pic!

If you use CloneDVD2, you can just select preserve menus and just the main movie without including any of the extras. CloneDVD2 will reauthor the disc correctly. You do have to buy it, but you can get a 21 day free trial. You will also need AnyDVD as well, also from Slysoft to remove the protection from the original disc.

that’s the one thing shrink is NOT ideal for.

shrink cannot preserve menus when you make any changes to the structure of the dvd.

clonedvd2 is about the only option for that this guy asked…preserving menus while copying movie only…