Dvd Menus

When I create a menu on nero for a dvd, is there anyway that after each film it goes straight back to the menu instead of going onto the next film? Any ideas? Cheers. I’m on nero 6.

When editing the menu, click on the more button. Then change the “When finished playing a title” option to “jump to main menu” instead of “Play next title”

Cheers Mike, brilliant.

Glad i could help.

Can any1 please tell me how to make these DVD menus with nero… what version of nero do you need … i use to be able to make them got a virus reinstalled nero 7 & i guess i had a different version before because i dont have the same options i use to…

any help would be greatly appricated, thanks guys… i know this forum is 2 years old but im hoping some1 new stops by and takes 2 minutes to post a response, thanks again