Dvd Menu

Hello do’t kill me for my ignorance but I searched through the various DVD
forums for clear Tutorial
on TMPGEnc DVD Author but had no luck no( Help supplied with software isn’t clear for newbie to DVD like me.

I desperately need to create DVD menu.
Three Video clips.
When you insert DVD You see background image with three icons( clips)
no stll frames.
And you hear music in the background.pain in the … with TMPGEnc DVD Author
than when you click on one of those icon - clips you play full size video clip[
That has to be terrible simple.
but eats me right now. Any help will be highly appreciated.
This maybe to late for this little project but any clues for best software for creating dvd menu.
I did not have a time to introduce myself on Say Hi forum so just quickly.
I am 50. Filmmaker and 3d animation maya fun.TRAVEL to USA frequently
and live in a countryside. cheers

Lost among digits.

MENAKEL hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can try DVD Lab, i am sure it can do what you want to do.

You can get it here: http://www.mediachance.com/

I am not sure whether we have a tutorial here or not, do a search in the video authoring forum :slight_smile:

Go to videohelp.com and search for “dvdlab”. They have an excellent tutorial there for beginners. It will give you a feel for some of dvdlab’s capabilities.

Tnanks Guys I am getting DVD lab over the net .
Too bad I got stacked with TMPDEnc DVD Author . With other software ( DVD lab or PRO This simple job could be done by now. Lack of audio dub for background picture places that soft far behind their own back. :iagree:
Thanks Hemispasm for link