DVD Menu

Ok, so here’s what i’m trying to do.

I have Downloaded, many AVIs, some DivX some not. I am going to put them onto a DVD-R as AVIs, now as DVD format.

I have a DVD player that can play all the files im trying to put onto DVD when writen onto a CD-R.

But i don’t want them on a CD-R, as it would mean i would have to make quite alot of CD-Rs.

So here’s the problem. If i put them on a DVD-R will it try to convert them to DVD format??

The other thing, which i’m more interested in, is Can I make a DVD menu that can select which AVI i want to watch?
I’m a complete DVD newb, so I don’t know what programs I can use or anything. Can someone please advise me on achieving these 2 targets?


You cannot watch non-DVD format video on a DVD player unless it plays SVCD/VCD, and then those have to be on cdrs. There are divx capable DVD players but they suck for the most part at least for now.


that wasnt what i asked. I have a DVD player that plays DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, AVI, VCD, etc. The files i want on DVD all are compatible. I want to know if i try to burn them onto a DVD disk, will it try and re-format them, and how do I make a menu for it.

just burn them as data. i’m not sure u’ll actually be able to play these files on ur dvd player though.

sorry, i prob havent explained this well.

I have files burnt on CD, Ive watched them on my DVD player, and they work, they work well.

Now i want to put them onto a DVD disk rather than CD. But I don’t want the DVD burner program to convert them in anyway. But I also want to be able to make a menu that can select each file rather than the crappy file viewer that the DVD player uses. Can anyone help.

Putting non-DVD files on a dvd might not be a good idea since when a dvd player recognizes a dvd,it ‘assumes’ they’re DVD compliant(read:MPEG) files on it. If not, it won’t work. This is the same reasoning why a MP3/DVD Player won’t play those two formats together. It’s the way a player is configured to work…Good Luck


They should play fine off of a DVDR, if they don’t then upgrade the firmware on your player.

As for a menu, AVI spec simply doesn’t support it (along with a lot of other stuff).

Not sure what you mean by it supporting MPEG4, but I haven’t actually head of a standalone mp4 player. Mp4 does support menu’s, as will matroska eventually.

Who knows though, I hear that DivX networks are working on hacking AVI even more. Maybe they can get menus going?

thanks, thats exactly what i wanted to know

Originally posted by celtic_druid Mp4 does support menu’s, as will matroska eventually.
… we will maybe be lazy and just use the same system as MP4, thats GPAC :wink: