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i have 4 english movies.I want to make a dvd5 with all that movie with title,how to make?plz someone help me.


Need more info. What are these movies? are they home movies you made or are they purchased DVDs?


they are purchased dvd and copied onto my hard disc…its indiana jones all part


DO you want to use free programs or a program you will need to buy once the trial time is over


how did you get them onto your hard disc?


I want to use free programe…Plz help me.


I have just copied vob files into my HDD…


Trial programe will also do…Plz help me…


Sorry, you cannot just copy VOB files from commercial DVD, it will not work.
You have to use a ripping software for that.
Also to put more than four hours of video on DVD5 is not recommended, bitrate will be too low=bad picture.