DVD Menu

I’m burning 4 titles to a DVD. After the first title finishes playing it just starts playing the second title.

How can I make the dvd go to the menu after each title is finished playing instead of just continuously playing each title?

If you’re using Vision, when you’re at the Select Menu screen, click on the More button, and you’ll see options that allow you to specify the playback method of the DVD. In your case, set the second one to Jump to Menu.

can any1 please help me figure out how to do this dvd menu thing … i use to be able to do it until my computer crashed and i upgraded to nero 7 ultra – what version of nero do you guys use to access that feature ( Create your own dvd menu with personalized audio & video )… or step by step how to access it with nero 7 ultra, thanks a million guys i really hope i can get back to using nero again, that was teh only feature i really used it for ;// sucks i just upgraded for nothing ;//

any help would be greatly appricated, thanks alot guys…

nero vision or nero vision express will convert avi files to dvd and allow you to create a menu if that’s what you’re looking for

i cant figure out how to make a menu that way if you can with personalized background and audio, please if you could walk me threw it… thank you

yea i thought i use to goto nero vision express… i use to use nero 6 i belive (not sure of version) and then goto nero vision express i belive , now when i goto nero vision express > make a movie > i get a option to put like 2-3 movies on there, but nero will make the background for me instead of me being able to pick a background & audio personally… if you can do this please tell me how to get to the feature > by > please… i greatly appricate any help in this matter… thanks for your post reasonsnotrules, appricate your time & help… seriously… thanks