DVD Menu

Sorry for the dumb question. Im newbie and need some easy help from you.
I want to convert a AVI to DVD.
So, i have made the m2v, and extracted the AC3 file from avi. I have calculated the chapters frames and i used the IFOEdit to authoring the DVD. I recorded the files with Nero, but when i insert the DVd in DVD player it tells me that “DVD Playback feature unavailable”.
What do i need to do to solve this problem?
Is it menus not available? What can i do?
Thanks in advance.

Find Cuckoosofts “AVItoDVD” converter. or use Nero 7, or WinAVIVideoConverter.

I need to create the “autorun” for the DVD.
Cuckoosofts solve this?

if you don not want a menu, download Rejig, run it, choose DVD Author, add video, audio, chapter points. . .