DVD Menu Programs

Is there a way to create a DVD menu in one program and burn the DVD in another program?

Some programs I have have great DVD menus but give me trouble burning. So I would like to create a DVD menu with one program and burn the menu and content with another.


Gratuitous BUMP

most programs should allow you to create a dvd video_ts folder, which you can burn with another program…

So what would the process be exactly?

what software do you wan’t to use?

Ok, I aint too sure, becaues I use nero for everything (as one should imho), however just about every dvd authoring tool should give you the option of ‘burn to disk’, which allows you to save the dvd files onto a harddrive. Then you can burn it with whatever software you wan’t.

WhY you wanna go and do that ! ? i might be able 2 asiist u if u tel me wut da prob is , ight peace ,.,.,. DVd shRink is a awesome program , ! try dat,