DVD menu problems



I am trying to make a backup of “Saints and Soldiers”. I use Ripit4Me to the point where you can open it with DVD Shrink and I stop there. I then use VOBblanker to get rid of some of the FBI warnings, studio animation things, etc. My problem is that I can’t get any menus to load in my set top player. I can play the movie with no problems by pressing play, but the disc will not load to the main menu. And if I press menu while playing the movie, it stops the disc. So, I read a little about IFOedit, and used that to play the movie on my comp, and I get a “No valid DVD volume can be located, do you still want to continue?” I select yes and it plays. Next, once it gets to the main menu I get a “DVD Warning: an illegal navigation command was encountered”. But it continues to operate normally in the IFOedit player. So I searched a bit and found a “fix” for the illegal navigation error. It my work, but I can’t get menus to load in my external player. So I don’t know. Basically, my question is what could be wrong with my IFO’s that my DVD player will not load the menus? Has anyone encountered this before and know what it wrong? I use DVD-R’s, and this is the first burn that has given me any problems. I backup virtually all of my movies. Although this is the first disc I’ve tried IFOedit with.


Okay, I know what the No Valid DVD Volume message is. I didn’t have the DVD in my drive when I was playing it with IFOedit. Good to go there. The menu issue is my real concern.


You can rip it again using the option to jump to the menu or you can edit the files you already have using PgcEdit. Here is a guide on how to do it. http://download.videohelp.com/r0lZ/pgcedit/third_party/blutach/How_to_use_PgcEdit_new_macro.htm


Yep yep, PgcEdit took care of it. That’s one fun piece of software. Thanks for the help.


Very small but so powerful.