DVD Menu maker recommendations



Can anyone recommend good, reliable software for making DVD menus? I want to be able to put episodes from different TV programs on to one DVD and create good looking menus for them. The source will be individual episodes that are ripped from DVDs using AnyDVD and Clone DVD.

I don’t mind paying – the main thing is that it should WORK, be newbie-friendly and make it possible to create professional looking menus.

I’m not tech savvy enough to use software that needs significant technical knowledge of DVD structure, creation, editing etc. A good, commercial program that takes you through the process step by step is what I’m really after.

I run Windows 7 64 Home Premium


One of the better prosumer programs for dvd creation is called DVD Lab Pro. It isn’t really cheap, but is quite versatile. I’m not fond of the way it handles subtitles, but other than that it is a solid program.

At $249, its really quite over priced for a pure dvd authoring program, especially since dvd-video is slowly but surely falling to the wayside.

One good point in DVD Lab Pro’s favor is the quality of the help files that come with it. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive built-in help section on any other program for working with video.

You can find the free trial for the program here. And this is the link for their forums: http://www.mmbforums.com/

It sounds to me like you could be satisfied with one of the free authoring programs, though you did say “professional looking menus”, which you won’t get without a lot of work using the free tools.

It is rare these days for me to bother with elaborate menus, so I don’t use Lab Pro much anymore. Most of the time I use AVStoDVD, but it is a bit weak in the menu creation section. It works fine, using MuxMan as the menu creator, but it doesn’t offer much variation. It will pass dvd compliant video and audio straight through without re-encoding anything. If you’d like to try it, you can find it here: https://sites.google.com/site/avstodvdmain/

Another possibility for you is TMPGenc Authoring Works 5. It probably fits what you are looking for more than my first two suggestions, but I don’t like the company much, so it sometimes takes me a bit to remember them. :slight_smile: They have a 14 day trial so you can test the program and see if it fits your needs. http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/taw5.html


Thanks for your very helpful reply. I’ll give ABStoDVD a go. The other software you mention is outside of my price range. That’s understandable, given that they are multi-function authoring programs. I was hoping that someone might have made a stand alone menu maker, but it seems not.


If you get into the Menu Editor in AVStoDVD, you’ll see that you can import different backgrounds to use, which will help a lot in creating variety in your dvd menus.

There is a free dvd menu program that does nothing else…its a pure authoring program. But it isn’t simple to use. I’ve taken a run at it a time or two and mostly bounced off, but it can make very elaborate menus if you want to try it. Since I already had DVD Lab Pro, I didn’t have much incentive to get familiar with it, but you might take to it easily. It is called GUIforDVDAuthor. You can find it here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/GUI-for-dvdauthor


Check out an older software called TitleWriter.
It creates a menu without any encoding .
I use it for a couple of series I’ve done.
I usually go for a simple menu but it can do some more complex.

I’ve never tried a motion menu with it & I’m not sure it’s capable.


I use dvd workshop 2 when I desire to make a compilation dvd but it is no longer available, at least I don’t think, maybe a download somewhere or perhaps on the bay.
It also needs a patch to help it work on more modern OSs which can be found.
It works fine though it sometimes hangs or crashes yet I can get what I want done with it (because I am using 64 bit OS).
Might be worth looking into…if it can be found at a really good bargain, I think I paid 25 dollars for my hard copy.
Those who ever used it should agree that it is a very good authoring prog.
I don’t fool with authoring that much anymore unless it is a special project.


If money isn’t an object, you could use Photoshop to design the menus then author them in Adobe Encore.