DVD Menu Linking - end actions

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, I just signed up especially to ask this question… so hopefully someone can help.

I am a film maker and I am trying to create a DVD using my own footage, videos and menus.

I have been trying to author this DVD in both “Sonic - DVDit Pro” and “Adobe - Encore CS3” and I am basically getting the same problem.

You have a menu, you select play to play the first video, it’s end action is to go to a different menu. from there you can play more videos, some of the videos are supposed to have an end action to link back and play the first video again. this is where for some reason the software flips out and errors on me.

Can’t you have multiple videos all with an end action leading them to the same menu? can’t you have a video end action back to an earlier video?

Is there like some rule that says you can’t do that? in theory it should work but after hours of testing and rechecking that EVERY SINGLE LINK IS CORRECT… the software just will not do it.

can someone please save my sanity!?

Barry Michael
Lost Gotham Productions

Hi [B]Lost Gotham[/B] and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

That sounds like a thorny problem, but as far as I know it should be possible to navigate freely among DVD menu levels.

One thing I can suggest is to look at the DVD using a program that deals with the playback instructions as they happen (as opposed to just reading a list). Maybe try DVD Remake Pro, which has a single-step debugging mode to display the content of the registers and how they are changed as a result of the navigation instructions. I found it particularly useful one when I had a DVD menu that didn’t work properly.

We have a forum here for DVD Remake, and I can transfer this query there if you like.

I agree with[B] imkidd57[/B]. DVD Remake Pro is the way to go.
There is a free software PgcEdit which will do same thing, but not as easy to use.
With those you can do whatever you want with authored DVD.
If you are a film maker I would strongly recommend to learn one of them since most of these low cost authoring softwares are limited to what they will do on their own.

Hi imkidd57,

Yes Thank you, if you could transfer me/this over there I would appreciate it. I am going to look into DVDRemake later on today, maybe try the demo. I just got a good nights sleep and there are a few more things I want to try first.

Adobe Encore has features which check for problems and it has caught a couple while I have been tinkering with the set-up, orphaned menus and such, but again I have checked and rechecked every single link and everything is correct, all the times that I have tried it the only place the software seems to mess up is where I link to one video from more than one place, something which I would not have thought a problem.

Anyway, Thank you again for the suggestion

[QUOTE=Lost Gotham;2123644]
all the times that I have tried it the only place the software seems to mess up is where I link to one video from more than one place, something which I would not have thought a problem.[/QUOTE]

This is where you will need a command editor using registry value to go from end of video to proper menu, because this is too much for these softwares.

Moved to the DVD Remake forum :slight_smile:

I think this transfer was premature. Unless OP has a specific question using this software, or show DVD structure, using this software, with from where to where he want to go, no one can answer anything.
Only, Yes, it can all be done.

Just make the 1st post command of each video to call the root menu of the current VTS, resume cell 1. Hardly thorny.