DVD menu editing HELP

Hi, my friend recently gave me a dvd he made for his girlfriend for her birthday. I am going to give this DVD to my girlfriend for her birthday as well which is coming up soon. On the DVD menu he wrote Happy Birthday Sarah, (which is his girlfriend’s name) but I want to change the menu so instead of saying Happy Birthday Sarah it will say Happy Birthday Debbie (my girlfriend’s name). So is this possible? Basically what I want to do is to edit the text of a dvd menu and then make a new copy with my edited text on the DVD menu. So could you guys help me out, is there a program I need to buy because I’ll do anything to get this done easily and quickly. Also if you guys dont already know, I am very new to editing dvds and have never done anything like this before so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Please, don’t crosspost. Is against forum rules, and can create confusion. You already have a thread opened here

I am so sorry I had no idea I already posted this twice, so how do I delete the previous posts?