DVD menu editing HELP

Hi, my friend recently gave me a dvd he made for his girlfriend for her birthday. I am going to give this DVD to my girlfriend for her birthday as well which is coming up soon. On the DVD menu he wrote Happy Birthday Sarah, (which is his girlfriend’s name) but I want to change the menu so instead of saying Happy Birthday Sarah it will say Happy Birthday Debbie (my girlfriend’s name). So is this possible? Basically what I want to do is to edit the text of a dvd menu and then make a new copy with my edited text on the DVD menu. So could you guys help me out, is there a program I need to buy? Thanks

Try to re-create entirely menus using one of these freeware packages



Hey I dont think this really helps me because I dont want to creat a whole new menu ALL I WANT TO DO IS EDIT THE TITLE ON MY DVD MENU. I dont want to change anything about the dvd except some text on the DVD menu thats it nothing else. If there is a program I have to buy, I’ll buy it just can anyone tell me how I can do this. Thanks so much

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Try to load the original menus, change only what you want, and then save the modified menu.

Maybe dvd lab pro can do better this work (only an hypothesis: actually I never tryied to do this).

If you dont already know I have never edited a dvd before so I really need step by step help. I downloaded Dvd styler and I dont really think you can load the menu from my dvd. So can you help me out. Thanks

Try to find here a guide

Sorry, I’m not much expert in dvd authoring

Easily done with DvdReMake Pro: Customize menu background. In step 2, use any graphic editor, like Photoshop, to erase the text and add in your text, then save the menu background as 24-bit BMP (OS/2 format).

Hey, I really need step by step help as I do not really know how to do this. So if you would be so kind as to help me with this project I would be so grateful. Thanks

Did you click on the link? It is a step-by-step. Modifying the background in a graphic editor is based on your graphic editing skill. I don’t know what program you have.

Yea i downloaded the demo but after I used Muxman and tried to replace the still with the new image all i could replace it with was a black image. Maybe this is because it was the demo version I dont really know

No, it’s because the background was not saved as 24-bit bitmap. After you convert it to VOB using MuxMan, and you see it’s a black image then you’re doing something wrong.

Alright guys, I’m going to forget about that Birthday dvd but I have basically the exact same dvd question. On a dvd that was made for me, my friend entered my email address wrong at the bottom of the menu. It says “This dvd is supplied by.......@yahoo.com…” That was my old email address which I deleted but now I want to add my current email address which is with AOL. So I think this is the exact same question I had before about how do I change the text of this DVD menu. Also let me tell you that in this dvd menu there is a video playing in each of the little boxes on the menu. I have provided a screen shot of the dvd menu so you can see for yourselves. The boxes labeled part 1, 2, 3… on the dvd menu have short video clips playing in each of the boxes. Also there is theme music playing in the menu. So I think this is a very complex DVD menu and all I want to do is to keep the menu but change the text so people will know my real email adress. So any ideas? Thanks in advance!

OK now that I’ve got that settled this is my problem with DVDremake

No i dont think I am doing anything wrong because I edited the email address and put my new one in and then when I try to load the dummy dvd and replace “replace with still” all I get is a black screen. I have included a screenshot of what I have done. Maybe the editor I am using to change the email address is causing problems I dont know but the program is called paint express. So could someone tell me what I am doing wrong

You’re not listening! You are saving in the wrong format. I think you’re saving as 32-bit BMP. It must be 24-bit BMP for MuxMan to mux correctly. There are several ways to tell if you’re doing it right.

  1. Right-click on the BMP file, select Properties/Summary tab, look at Bit Depth value. Is it 24 or 32 or some value?
  2. View the MuxMan created VTS_01_1.VOB using DGIndex. Can you see the menu? If not you’re doing it wrong.
  3. Import the MuxMan VOB as a project, just like you did as shown in ok.jpg, can you see the menu? If not you’re doing it wrong.
  4. When you “Replace with still”, a Select frame window appears. Can you see the image when you select the right Pool #? If not, you’re doing it wrong.

I converted your dream.jpg to 24-bit BMP using Paint (comes with Windows), converted it to VOB using MuxMan. Voila, I see the image. If I convert to 32-bit BMP using Photoshop (Paint does not have this option), then I see a black image like in option 3 as I stated above.

What you are describing is a motion menu. You cannot simply change the text using Paint Express, and still retain the video playing in the box. You must use a different software, like Adobe Premiere, if you want to retain the video. But this is more trouble than it’s worth as you probably not used to the software. It’s better for your friend to correct your email and reauthor the dvd again for you.

If you don’t care about the video in the box, then you can change your email using Paint Express. “Replace with still” will do just that - a still menu with existing music.

Alright I think I did it but now I am not really sure how to export the dvd since I only have the demo version of DVDremake pro. So now I want to burn a dvd with the new menu and the rest of videos on it. How do I do this?

Alright I think I got it but now I need help exporting and burning a new disc. So how do I burn a copy of the exact same dvd except with my newly created menu?

Just Export DVD to a VIDEO_TS folder. The demo only exports up to 15 sec of each block of video so you can check if it works. The registered bought version will do a full export.

To burn, use Nero Burning Rom. Or you can use DVD Shrink which uses Nero API or invokes DVD Decrypter or Imgburn to burn. It’s better if you just test it on the software players first. Then you can burn the demo export on a DVDRW to test on your standalones.

I have nero burning rom and am exporting the dvd to my hard drive as we speak. My question is, in Nero burning rom how do I burn this dvd, like what option do I choose, Data DVD or…?

Choose DVD-Video, it’ll automatically creates AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder. Drag all the exported files into VIDEO_TS folder and burn.

Hey I think I’ve solved my problem and I think that the Still menu is a lot better because I dont think I would have ever gotten this project completed if I kept the animated menu. Nevertheless, DVDremake was easy to use and you guys helped me out a lot. Thanks so much

Alright I got another problem guys! When I load the dvd I created with the new menu into my home dvd player, I cant select the part. I am unable to select a part as seen in this image. The curosr/highlighted thing to select a part of the dvd is not available. Nothing lights up/is highlighted when I move over the part number with my dvd remote control. However when I play the dvd on my computer, I am able to select the part I want with my mouse. But more importantly why cant I select any part of my dvd that I want to play on my home dvd player. I made a new menu with dvd remake and it seemed perfect, I added my email address and everything and now I cant even watch it on my home dvd player. So can anyone help?