DVD Menu Creation + VOBs

I wish to create menus for my DVD2One rips. Are there any DVD authoring packages (PC) that allow VOB files to be imported? I have tried Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 which imports VOBs but not AC-3 audio. :confused: Help!

Is it true that renaming a .VOB file tom MPG works??!

Originally posted by rendez2k
Is it true that renaming a .VOB file tom MPG works??!

Yes, and no…

I use Vegas 4 for video editing (much the best NLE on the market, in my far from humble opinion:cool: )
If you rename Foo.VOB to Foo.mpg, it will load it and provide the usual editing operations on it. But, the audio stream will be missing. You would need to use one of the other gizmos available, such as VOBEdit, to isolate the audio. (And while you were doing that, you might as well isolate the video stream too, so the exercise seems a bit pointless).
Note that the video from a [movie] VOB is usually ‘progressive’, as opposed to ‘interlaced’.


Is the audio missing because its AC-3? If so, I take it the AC-3 add-on pack would help!? Thanks!

I don’t think so. My setup accepts AC3 anyway. I think it’s because a VOB isn’t structurally identical to an MPEG, but close enough for the application to get at the video part.

Interestingly, if you do the same thing (rename the VOB) and try and play it with CinePlayer, say, it will be fine. Whereas Windows Media Player will just hang up. I think this is because CinePlayer knows its structure - that it, knows it’s a VOB - and is obviously able to handle it, since this is what it’s designed to do. Media Player, on the other hand, is misled into thinking that it is a real MPEG and then gets into trouble from which it cannot recover.

As I mentioned before, it’s no big deal. You just have to use a demuxer to break down the streams and then edit away in your authoring tool of choice. (There may be a conversion necessary if the audio stream is AC3 and your system can’t handle it - you’ll need to convert to PCM, or even MP3 if you’re in PAL country).