DVD Media with Ink Jet Surface

I’m looking for a good quality disk with Ink Jet surface. I was wondering what people are recommending that would fit that description. I prefer DVD +, but would go with DVD -, if it is of a better quality. I have tried Pro-Disk DVD’s sold under Fuji-Taiwan and I’m not impressed with its PI/PO and Disk Quality under Nero. As I have learned, its better to spend a bit more to get better quality disks, but I don’t know which ones offer higher quality (1. Quality of the Write, 2. Quality of the surface for the ink jet) with all the reports on some sub-standard TY disks out there (Being sold under Fuji-Japan).

The burners I’m using are a Plextor 716a and a BenQ 1620 Pro, if that matters.

Well thanks for your time.

Verbatim 16x +R White Inkjet hub printables have been working great for me in my PX-716.

Hey coach,

I been ordering TY inkjet printables from rima.com. They are deffinitely the real thing and give me beautiful burns, and theyre +R. Also, they are very quick to get my order to me, usually only a couple days. I’ve only ordered a few times, but I’m very happy with them.


Would definately recommend Rima at www.rima.com for your Taiyo Yudens-

They ship only “A” Grade medias-


I have been using the 8X white injet printable Taiyo yuden’s from Rima for some time and have never had a problem with them. I have two plextor’s 708A and 712A and a BenQ 1620