Dvd media what should i buy?

i have heard memorex media isn’t good… but i havn’t gotten a strait technical answer to why it isn’t good, and i notice everyone says MCC and TY are the best.
But what can i buy since i am a BUDGET type of person. i don’t have tons of money for either media. What do you recommend in that case? is it possible to get MCC or TY for $25 for 100 disc spindle? Where can I buy them other than the net if I want some today.

Thank you

Verbatims are considered a good brand, and are often on sale at Best Buy. Last week I bought 50 for about $13, a savings of about $17 off regular price. (If you bought 2, that’d be $26 for 100.) So, look for the sales.

Id also advise avoiding memorex. it has consistentcy issues.

Well first off what kinda of burner do you have and is it’s firmware updated? What software are you using to burn the application or program or media? How big is your HD and how much RAM do you have? Also when your burning or backup your dvd media don’t be running other applications until the burning software is complete. I think the last reason is why alot of users could be creatin coasters but I could be wrong. But from my experience I noticed that if I use the net or other applications when the burning program is running I burned coasters or get improper burns that lead to coasters. But I also noticed from my Liteon LH-20A1H LL07 drive has had some problem reading certain dvd media - I don’t know if it’s the firmware or Anydvd conflicting or having problems reading the drive. That part I am still waiting for a answer from them.

MCC media are not so costly. You can see many evidences of the low quality of most of media surfing all thread dedicated to scans.

The main issue of cheap media is that they degrade very fast in time. If you want to save your money, it is better to buy good quality discs because if you buy cheap discs, after 6 months in worst cases you are forced to burn again the same disc because it become hard to read or unreadable at all.

So, cheap discs have a lower price, but if you must burn again the same discs two or three times in a year, actually final costs are higher than buying a quality media from the beginning. A good quality disc will remain readable for a minimum of 2-3 years (even more if you store correctly your discs)

Another factor you must consider is that if you burn the same disc 2-3 times per year, also your burner will degrade faster, so if you burn a lot of media there is also the possibility that you will be forced to buy also new burners more often.

In conclusion, cheap media are not so cheap if you consider them in the long term.

The memorex problem I think has more to do with how one burns - cause I think if users just burn and let the computer do that process and wait to use other applications to prevent errors and coasters. I used memorex and memorex DL media didn’t have anymore problems then the rest of the media I used. I think it depends on what your drive is and are you running other applications? Burning can be CPU intensive so if you do that you should not be doing other jobs on the computer and let it do the burning so it has the memory and hardware resources to do its process before you start doing yours. That I think would go a long way to prevent coasters as well - also reduce the burn speed down to a resonable speed get better quality burns.

Ummm i think u miss reading my question coolcolors. I am not having problems with memorex brand. i am wandering why everyone just says “avoid it avoid it they dont’ work at all” I will put it to you like this so far i have burnt about 30 dvds out of my 100 spindle of memorex dvd+r on a pioneer dvd burner (don’t know the exact model too lazy to look and has the firmware that came with it) and out of those 30 dvds only 1 was screwed up.

I know about having everything close when burning… I am a dvd burning rookie but not a complete burning rookie. I been burning stuff (it was cds back in the obviously) since 1997. Depending on what I am burning and what I need done I been using Nero 7, Ashamploo 6, Convertx2dvd, and dvdshrink. All I want to know is [B]why memorex is bad media so i can form a better opinion of the media. so far i have no problem with them[/B]

jamoskeag3 thank you for giving me a realivant answer to my questio… i did see that best buy ad… I had a feeling i should of picked up those verbatums. I know they are pretty much top notch in everything they do.

As I said, the main issue of most of low quality media, memorex included, is the fast degradation in time. Some discs (in worst cases) can become unreadable after few months.

thank you geno i think when i am done with this spindle i am going to get some better disks. I am not overly concerned about having to reburn disks or losing info. Anything that really means something to me be it a movie or files I have a back up of the back up. that is always smart way to look at things no matter how expensive the media your using. I seen too many people "back up " something just to go to retrieve it and the “back up” to be screwed. Thanks guys for you opinions… coolcolor I hope u don’t think i am condescending. I am just not a total typical novice, I actually understand quite a bit i just think some over react with the “dont buy this” statements because some of them think they know what they are talking about and they don’t. I like technical answers.

geno i was typing my post before last before i got to see and read your post lol your post is the type of info i was looking for thank you

Memorex uses a lot of different sources for their media, most of which are decent media codes. For everyday uses with a good, modern burner almost anything Memorex uses will give you decent results. More premium media like Verbatim and TY offers advantages such as better compatibility with a wider range of burners, knowing exactly what media code you’re getting, better overall burn quality, etc. The simple answer is basically to say ‘use Verbatim’. I use a lot of different media and I’ve used my fair share of Memorex and with a decent burner you can get anywhere from fair to excellent results depending on what the media code is.

hehe we posted at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as I thought scoobiedoobie cheap burner = crappy results lol. I notice people that have Benq or Lite-on burners have many gripes. I had some sense to avoid those brands… I kinda blindly bought the pioneer burner i have but i trust the brand i guess. I think i should of done more research! There is alot to burning I am learning daily that I thought wasn’t important but it is.

More users=more complaints. Benq and Liteon are some of the best brands for burners (Most Benq models are outstanding, Liteon is good as well). Pioneer burners are very good as well, so that shouldn’t be an issue.