DVD Media Types (not brands)



I need some newbie help understand some basics…I’ve only used DVD+R/RW in the past and now have ordered a Lite-On 165P6S burner so am learning about new options. As I understand it, here is what is out there:

DVD+/-R/RW…these come in single layer and double layer flavors

I’ll tell you what I know (or think I know and hopefully someone can fill in or correct it). From what I understand, +R and -R function alike but are simply different formats. Some burners prefer one over the other, some players prefer one over the other, but the both accomplish the same thing and, hardware aside, neither is better than the other. I understand that single layer discs are what I have used in the past and that now there are double layer discs, which have an “upstairs and downstairs” so essentially it is like a sandwich of 2 single layers discs allowing you pretty close to twice the storage space. Where I really get lost is DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM…to be honest, I have no clue what these are! When would someone use these forms of media? How do they compare to +/-R/RW? Are certain ones better for certain tasks or do certain things better? Any explanation of what each of these forms of media is and what each of them is best used for it greatly appreciated. Thanks!


OK - I’ll take a shot at answering this one…

DVD-RAM: Original writable DVDs. Not widely supported and used only for data.
DVD-ROM: The shiny pressed media you get when you purchase or rent a move. ROM mean Read Only.

Not sure about new Lite-ons, but my old drive liked DVD +R’s the best. DVD +R can be booktyped to fool a DVD player into thinking it is a DVD-ROM, thereby increasing the likelihood that it will play the disk. This is true for both single and dual layers.

Stick with Vertabim for both single and dual layer and you will not be sorry.


Just look at DVD on wikipedia. It will explain it all very well.


For some explanations take a look at Understanding Recordable & Rewritable DVD: