DVD media: TY vs Verbatim

I usually use TY media religiously but I’ve been hearing good things
about Verbatim recently. Have they cleaned up their act enough to
be anywhere close to TY?

Yes they are close to TY however, if they are comparitively priced then I opt for TY simply because I don’t want to deal with CMC or Prodisc made discs, even if they do carry the MCC dyes. :wink:

Even though both are good, you may want to look for scans to see which media your drive prefers. I find some drives do not like some MCC media as much as TY. Since Verbatim has discontinued 8X media, keep an eye out for sales, ususally around $30 per 100.

“I find some drives do not like some MCC media as much as TY”

That’s the case for 8x medias on the Pioneer 109. This drive prefers TY 8x medias to Verbatims 8x ones. On Benq 1620, I have similar results with both.

But Verbatim 16x (MCC03RG20) give marvelous burns on the 109 :bow: :clap:

That is good to know as I was considering getting some 8x Verbs with the specials that are going on right now. I have a 109 so I will stick to TY. :wink:

My 109 likes 8x Fuji +R discs (YUDEN000T02), burned at 12x. :slight_smile:


If you can live without bitsetting, My Pioneer 109 was OK with MCC 003, the Verbatim +R 8X. The best media was the TYG01 available now for around $30 as well.

I’m currently using a Plextor 716A. Mixed feelings about it, but I guess it’s OK. At times I wish I had bought an NEC (3420?). Are there reasons to avoid certain media with the Plextor?

What is ‘MCC’? The previous post seemed to imply that TY and Verbatim use MCC dye, but that the Verbatim manufacturing may be enough reason to avoid them.

I buy TY from MediaSupply.com for about $50 / 100. Verbatim price of $30 / 100 is good, but not worth it if there are any problems.

Try www.rima.com - $9 less and a great vendor-


Verbatim have a media code of MCC, which is Mitsubishi Chemical Company. They are made by Prodisc, CMC, or MBI. I don’t believe it is the same dye as TY.

You will have to look at the Plextor forum to see if your drive has a preference for either of the Verbatim 8X media. Look for MCC 003 for the +R and MCC 02RG20 for the -R.

For most optical media of recordable and pre-recorded (press) disks, tech-intensive and profitable processes are done in Japan and the rest are done in the rest of Asia, mostly East Asia. Companies like Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Pioneer, Ricoh, Sony, Sanyo, and many others in Japan develop and produce dyes, chipsets, etc. and sell those along with the necessary equipment and licensing to those like Ritek and MBI that want to make and sell in mass. Most popular example is the relationship between Ricoh and Ritek (which seemed to work for Ritek but not so well for Ricoh.) Verbatim is one of the sales windows for Mitsubishi Kagaku.


(Mitsubishi Kagaku or Chemical Media Inc.)

Personally, I always prefer Mitsubishi to Taiyo Yuden, but Taiyo Yuden disks have always been cheaper in South Korea and it’s always cost that drives the market. Compared to TY DVD media in the US market, it is much easier to find retail Verbatim-branded Mitsubishi DVD media with the usual lifetime warranty which isn’t the same with TY USA so if you are in the US, it’s not fair to compare MCC with TY. Quality differences are mostly judged individually. The deciding factor’s usually personal preference over brand name. TY’s popularity increased and has been steadily high not because it’s the best of the best, but because TY media are much better than non-Japanese media but cost just a little more than Taiwanese media.

I know you are an expert on media, I do not question that. But do you really believe that Verbatim is better than Ty. If cost was not an option and you could choose which ever one but only one, what media would you take.

I wasn’t saying anything A media is better than B media. Just that TY’s popularity on this forum would have been much less if there were no US$0.4 or cheaper TY 8-16x media. Media quality for top Japanese makers like Pioneer, Ricoh, Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and many others can’t vary too much. Very many would have chosen Ricoh or Pioneer media if Ricoh and Pioneer still produced their media in Japan and sold at TY prices. Both gave up long ago.

Mitsubishi also has its own factory in Singapore which makes Mitsubishi/Verbatim media. You might not run into this often but usually this is the best quality stuff.
I believe Mitsubishi discs with a media ID of MKM are made at that factory. And yes, they are still making discs. I just saw a 100 pc spindle of Verbatim printable 8x DVD+R on sale at my local distributer this past week. It was labelled made in Singapore and Nov 1994. So they were at least still producing stuff at the end of last year.

What country are you in?

The only Singapour produced Verbatims that I have seen in the US at this point are the double layer DVD+R discs (MKM001).

Singapore. I suspect we get first pick of the Verbatim/Mitsubishi media made here. I can always find made in Singapore Verbatim/Mitsubishi on sale at my local distributor.

Why not say Singapore by editing on the User CP menu? Once there was no Verbatim in South Korea but someone started importing Verbatim media suddenly so now there are more Verbatim than Mitsubishi.

Grrr, Singapore hogging the good stuff :a It’d be nice if someone would put some up on ebay, I’d love to get my hands on some Singapore MCC003. Have you seen any made in Singapore 16x MCC media?

Yeah, I have a whole bunch of them left (TYG01). They are superb discs. I was just planning ahead. :wink: