DVD Media that works on XBOX?

Hey, anyone know of any dvd media that works on a standard xbox as atm i’m having to use dvd+RW which costs a fortune!!

Cheers, slave.

ive had good results with all Ritek dvd-r (including Traxdata dvd-r), as well as verbatim and TDK dvd-r. some xbox’s are picky with media and if yours is, then try the above. recently ive used Epublic dvd-r and these have worked very well for me.

search and you will find ; http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=92913 :slight_smile:

There are 3 different DVD Drives in the XBOX. We need to know which one you have. My guess is that you have a Samsung drive. Samsung drives are well known for getting along with DVD+RW but they hate DVD+R. They will read just about any peice of crap CD-R or DVD-R though. Some people have reported better success with +R when they adjust the booktype to DVD-ROM (if your drive supports it. I will also vouch for Ritek DVD-R. Cheap and I have yet to have a single one be in compatible with any of the XBOX DVD Drives (two of which I tested were Samsungs). Anyways, in order to tell what DVD Drive you have in your XBOX, eject the tray on your drive and compare the pattern with the following image.