DVD Media that have good longevity, and those that degrade after a few mths



Can I ask where do I find a list of “known” DVD media that have good longevity for long-term storage, and those media that one should avoid for long-term storage?

The Media ID would be greatly appreciated.


It’s posted all over the forum via error-rate scans, people’s personal experiences, ect. Your best bet is either Taiyo Yuden TYG01 or TYG02 for DVD-R. For DVD+R the 8x Taiyo Yudens will do (can’t remember the code off-hand).


have a look at this: http://archive.speedlabs.org/index.php/topic,901.0.html



Take a look at my sig, last link, leads to a transcription of the last C’t study, longevity (climatic) tests included.

Looks like 8X -R Verbatim MCC 02RG20 is the king of longevity among good discs. Apart from Princo, the most bashed media recently here is Ritek G05. But these two sentences of mine are only a poor summary of this complex and very debatable subject.

There are several threads in this section discussing this topic actually, you could search around for “longevity”, “degradation”, “data loss”, “lifespan”, “reliable” etc… :wink:

Also read the media FAQ. :iagree:


depends on what you call long and how you store them. Look at the scan I burned this over 2 years ago


And I just did another scan from a DVD backed up in Feb 03. both of these disc where burned with a Sony DRU500Aand play fine.I keep my DVD in bulk 200pk cases.