DVD Media testing question w/ Kprobe

I’m attemping to find out which media works best for my drive and I have picked up sampler packs of princo/prodiscS03/ritekG04&G05/Optodisc and Taiyo Yuden TY01. My question is do I have to burn the same data to each disc to get a accurate result using kprobe or can I just fill the disc with anything. In the past I’ve noticed a a fair amount of variation between discs that had different data on them. An example being a movie I copied had about half the error count as a data disc I burned a few hours later.

Type of data placed on a disc does not affect burn quality.
The variations you refer to must be due to the variability of the media you were using.
I would suggest filling the discs to capacity if you are testing different medias, as poor quality media usually fails/produces the most errors at the end of the disc.
What burner are you using there?
Taiyo Yuden are the best discs in your sample pack.

I’m using a LiteOn 812S FW:USON and Kprobe v2.1. I’ve been working my way through the list using Nero 6.3.1 thus far all the ones I’ve done have finished with burnt complete note. However testing shows a different story. The princos had PI Max in 600 range and failed to read past the 2G mark on the discs. The Prodiscs had a PI Max in the 30 range till the end where it shot up to 250/300 range and stoped reading after the 4G mark. The Ritek G04(RiData) gave me the biggest surprise since I had used the Non-IJP version of them before giving me reliable results and a PI Max in 20-30 range. The sample discs however gave me issues. One had a PI Max of 400 for about 1/4 then tappered down to about 50 the other has a PI Max of 25 till the last 1/4 and then ramped up to about 350. I’m planning on getting some additional samples of these discs cause I figure these were just bad ones or at least hope so. The Optodisc performed about on par with the Prodisc with just a slight more errors at the end. I still haven’t tested the TY discs yet and at twice the cost I was hoping I could have gotten by with other brands, but so far my choices arn’t looking good.

to compare the quality of 2 different burns, is it mandatory to burn the same data in both? what about different data with same overall size?

I say this because I don’t like to waste media, burning the same data over and over again, over several disks.

please, any idea? :slight_smile:

I am kinda confused.
What do you want to compare?

  1. Two different brands of media using same burner
  2. Two different burners using the same brand media
    or what

Type of data placed on a disc does not affect burn quality.

ok, now everything is clear.

in fact I am going to compare both scenarios.
2 recorders on same media, or 2 medias on same recorder.
Now it is clear: in one burn, I can save 4200 MB of MP3, and in the other burn, 4200 MB of JPG files. Both burns can be compared.

@the moderators: no problem about moving my post here, but it was kind of confusing.