DVD Media Storage?

Opinions on how to store my back-ups? Case-Logic work okay? Or will case-logic scratch my DVD’s?

I store mine in dvd cases.

I also use dvd case to store my backup for movie.

This for your reference.
[B]How to Distinguish Premium High Quality DVD Cases?[/B]

If I use the cases I’ll be tempted to go the extra-mile and print out the sleeves to insert as well. Problem is the cases take up more space than a Case-Logic DVD book. My only concern is that some have told me that the Case-Logic books scuff & scratch the DVD. I don’t see how this is so considering they are made to hold Discs.

Maybe it’s just a case of they are more likely to get scratched because of the way you have to pull them in out and out of the plastic inserts. With dvd cases there is never a reason to let anything touch the recorded side of the disc if you handle them correctly.

Case Logic is still one of the better cases around.
Verbatim is more scratch resistant than TY, so MCC + Case Logic could be a good combo.