DVD media still dominating market over HD-DVD and Blu-ray

I just posted the article DVD media still dominating market over HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Because of the war between the two rival formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, the market of next generation optical devices is divided and growth previsions are difficult to tell until a winner will…

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i love the irony of having a hi def film or tv series, and in the bonus features, you have say a behind the scenes documentary thats in standard def. surely if someone buys a hi def disc, then don’t want the same special features in the same crappy standard def! looks to me like a waste of money

Of course DVD is still dominating the market. Everyone knows it, trusts it and has at least a few movies on their shelf. I’ve seen DVD players priced as low as 10 bucks, after the rebate. Who in their right mind would jump into the fray until a winner to this format war is declared? Movies are $30 and players are $550 to $1500. That’s just whack, Jack !! Viva la DVD !! :r

Um, D’UH ! You can’t even rent blurays or HDDVD’s at the major rental chains yet ! But @%#^*# to hell with the format war and every #%@ @hole in the industry who let it happen. Curse them to HELL !! This situation is absolutely and insanely RETARDED ! ARGGHHHHHHHHHH … I am SOOOOOO frustrated about this situation, can you tell ?

DukeNukem agree. DVD was good when it came and is still good, it is proven, working and so on. HD-DVD and Blu-ray is to new technology. But HD-DVD has a huge advantage in that is is just a development of the allready sucsessfull DVD media. Why pepople don’t like HD-DVD I don’t know, I would say that in the long run Blu-ray will loose out to HD-DVD just becaus it is cheaper to make. Thats why Xbox360 was developed with standard dvd format drive. They played it safe instead of pushing for new technology. Better safe than sorry I say, HD-DVD will be the winning format, I am sure of it. At least in the economical aspect and so on.

don’t think so dennis. Bluray can’t lose with ps3. hddvd might have xbox but as you know in the past addons never work.

Dennis_Olof - I’m with you, HD-DVD will prevail.