DVD media speed question

Hi I’m new but a spent a good part of an hour searching for an answer. I have a 2.4x multi-format drive. Went through a pack of HP 2.4x discs just fine. Problem is 2.4x are hard to find now. I bought a pack of Verbatim 4x and all i get is burn errors at the end. Is 4x media incompatible with 2.4x drives? I have a microadvantage(BTC something). I looked for an updated firmware, but all they have is the firmware for the 4x drives.


If you look under my posts you will see that I ca only burn -R media @ 2X… And all those are 4X rated media. But my burner is an 812S which is an 8X burner so I am not sure it applies to yours. You need to go to the BTC section and see which media works with BTC drives. Since its not the quality of the media that counts but how the write strategy is implemented. My 2X burns on cheap media has been great… All the expensive media I bought have been toasters. Errr coasters…

You should seek a firmware upgrade for your drive. Usually 4X +R media can be burned at 2.4X on a 2.4X drive, but I’m not familiar with your drive so I am at a loss to give you too much advice, other than to advise you to get your exact drive model number and firmware version. Then see if there is a firmware upgrade which might solve your problem. You might look at http://rpc1.org

Well, turns out i have the BTC 1004. and I can burn at 4x, when I thought it was only 2.4X. Maybe i thought that b/c when i got it 4x discs weren’t out yet, i dunno. The problem is my Verbatim discs are 8x. I tried updating the firmware. I downloaded the utility and ran it, but when it’s about to flash it just gives a flash failed error. Oh well, I can still burn. Most of my problems are burning with DVDshrink.