DVD Media RICOHJPNR01 How to be sure?

How can I be sure I am buying Richo Media RICOHJPNR01 ?

Best buy has a 25 Pack DVD+R Memorex @ 19.99 US$ – Is it any good ?

Thanks –
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Unless they display the media code on the web site you cant be sure until you get them. As I have found out in the past.Identical disc’s different media codes.When I tracked down some JPNRO1 at a local shop I bought 300.

Thanks for the help.

The Memorex 4x DVD+R 25/pack I bought a while ago from Amazon.com were RicohJPNR01. But companies do switch media suppliers, so I don’t know. You should check out the Media Forum to find out who uses what in the current market.

Most of the stuff I find locally that’s 4x Memorex +R is Ricohjpnr01. I think I had one batch out of like 6 or 7 that was MCC, but I don’t remember if I bought Verbatim. Anyway, my guess is it is probably Ricohjpnr01.