DVD media reading problems, plz help!



I’ve been burning dvds on various media: TDK, Fujifilm, memorex, khypermedia, and some no name brand one.

I’ve had no problem with all of them except the TDKs and the no name brands.

I use clonedvd to burn, and for some reason, after burning, the TDKs and the noname brands, problems arise.

Some of the TDKs are read while others are not, even though im reading from the same drive that just burned the discs. I know there are no errors because on other dvd drives they seem to be read.

For the noname brand, toward the end of the disc, the video freezes at various spots. However, when others view it, it seems fine, and there are no errors recorded by dvdinfo. and it can be decrypted.

is it just my reader that can’t read these discs, if so, then what brand dvd readers are good for burned dvds?


Greets and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, we can’t help you much without knowing the maker of the media you are using. Consult the media FAQ, download DVD Identifier to see your media codes.

Also you have to tell us what burner, what speeds, what readers, etc.
running the offending discs through CDSpeed’s transfer rate test can tell you a lot about how readable the discs is.