DVD Media Questions

I am going to order some media for my new NEC 2500a this evening and have a couple of questions -

Are the Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-Rs as good as the +Rs?

Are Zero Defex DVD+RW 4.7GB - 4x Speed discs good?. It says that they are manufactured by Ritek (who I believe use Ricoh??) and will they be a good match for the NEC drive?


Depends on your particular writer,
On my Pioneer 106, the -R Taiyo Yudens don’t perform quite aswell as the +R versions. Best thing to do is buy a few of each & do some burns on them.

Ideally, you’ll also have access to a Lite-On drive to do PI/PO testing to see which is better on your setup.

The NEC-2500 media compatibility list might be useful:

Andy :smiley: