DVD media question, DVD-R/DVD-RW

Hello group…
New here from Bastrop Texas(near Austin)

I have a sony DVD set top recorder. I have a sister who lives up north and doesn’t get the sci fi channel so I want to record Stargate Atlantis for her, and bought a cakebox of DVD-RW so I could sent them to her and her husband, they could watch and send back and I could recycle. I had them check their unit’s compatability as it dawned on me I had taken a home recorded disk up there before and it didn’t work. They have a JVC “home theater” system and in the specs of what media it uses, it mentions DVD-R but not RW…I guess I could record them to -R disks but I hate to waste all those disks…Is there any trick I could do to make their player read them? I am not 100% sure it won’t as I haven’t send them any yet…I am gonna send them both types to try…I suggested they buy a better DVD player and piggyback it to the other one…Also my DVD recorder when I format the disk it asks me if I am using “VR” or “Video” and I always say video. What does that mean? I couldn’t find a clear explination in the manual…

Thanks so much!!!

If they know the player model, they can look it up at www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and see what others have reported the unit as being capable of. If you’ve tried -RW and it didn’t work already, you’re out of luck, there’s really not much else you can do. One of my players won’t take a +RW no matter what little tricks you try, they just don’t have the same compatibility as their write-once counterparts.

Hey, jonjonbear, what model stan alone dvd recorder do you have?? Does it have the har drive??