DVD Media Quality Software



I was wondering what is the best and most accurate program to use to scan your dvd media quality.
I’ve used Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.51.1, DVDInfoPro 4.590 though they both give rather different results. Ive got a Pioneer A11XL n scanned the same dvd disc using Nero n got 99% quality n using DVDInfo i got 91.80% not sure which to believe. Also i see some ppl use Kprobe is that better?


oops seems DVDinfo gave the disc a 99.75% rating, the 91.80 seems to be a glitch if i switch to another page


I don’t believe that Pioneer 111 variant or any Pioneer is a good scanner anyway :confused:


Quality is an arbitrary number assigned by each program, not very informative.

The total and maximum numbers and the distribution of PIE and PIF peaks is what really tells you how good the recording is.

Here’s an example, two scans with qualty of 95. One is obviously cleaner than the other.


i get it now, thanks agent