DVD media problem

I have been using CloneDVD with AnyDVD very successfully for 5 months. However I had a computer problem last week that required me to do a complete restore of my system and now when I try to make copy DVD’s I receive this message :-

“Write DVD9 (Error)”

I have always used the same media but now it tells me that the media is corrupt.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue as I will dearly miss my ability to copy movies.

Thank you:bow:

Write DVD Error Code 9 means that ElbyCDIO (the hardware access layer, used by RegionKiller and CloneCD) did not initialise properly. This is usually caused by manual deletion of elby products without using the uninstaller. Uninstall CloneDVD, reboot, reinstall CloneDVD and reboot again

I followed your instructions and uninstalled the Clone DVD, rebooted and the re-installed and rebooted but again I am receiving the same error message.

Have I no chance of getting my ability to copy DVD’s Back?