Dvd media please reply



hey everybody, sorry for so many posts. I have a lot of stuff I dont know about. alright, is philips dvd media any good?? i got it pretty cheap from tiger direct. And Im questioning the quality. Should I send it back and get better quality media? Thanks.


Maybe try the search feature a little more:) You can check the link in my signature for decent media codes. Or got to the media section of the forum.


I looked at your link and it said philips media is crap. Then i looked at those Io Po graphs things on the media guide and didnt really understand it. So can you or somebody else confirm that philips media is crap before I return it. Thanks a lot.


Try downloading this:http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ then check the code’s rating. Going by Brand names isn’t always accurate as they sometimes use many different manufacturers. I personally haven’t had any trouble with CMC MAG, many have though and the PI/PIF results can be less than desirable.