DVD Media in New Zealand

I am starting this thread to collect any information about quality DVD media suppliers in New Zealand.

After reading about the varying quality of DVD media I am now an avid seacher for quality media available in NZ.

Taiyo Yuden (TY) seems to be the brand of choice and so far my searches have come up empty for NZ source’s. I’d be interested in any international sources that will ship to NZ too!

I am following up some leads into re-branded TY that may be on our shelves like Fujifilm 4x DVD-R 10-pack jewel cases and will report any findings here.

Possible TY discs and their manufacturer ID’s to look out for are:
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Aterra
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Fujifilm
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Maxell
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Panasonic
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Sony
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Taiyo Yuden
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Taiyo Yuden Printable Silver
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Taiyo Yuden Printable White
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X TDK
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X That’s
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim DataLife(Plus)
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim DataLifePlus
[TYG01…] DVD-R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim Vstar
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Bulkpaq Orange
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Datawrite
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Fortis
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Fujifilm
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X JVC
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Mirror Platinum
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Piodata
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Plextor
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Record
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Taiyo Yuden
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X Taiyo Yuden Silver
[TYG02…] DVD-R___4.7GB_8.0X That’s
[YUDEN000-T01-000] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim DataLifePlus Pastel
[YUDEN000.T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Plextor
[YUDEN000.T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Taiyo Yuden
[YUDEN000.T02…] DVD+R___4.7GB_8.0X Plextor
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X JDLASER
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Lite-On
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Maxell
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Plextor
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Samsung
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X That’s
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim DataLife(Plus)
[YUDEN000T01…] DVD+R___4.7GB_4.0X Verbatim Vstar
[YUDEN000T02…] DVD+R___4.7GB_8.0X Fujifilm
[YUDEN000T02…] DVD+R___4.7GB_8.0X Mirror Platinum
[YUDEN000T02…] DVD+R___4.7GB_8.0X That’s

It is important to note that any rebranded TY disc will be made in Japan (maybe a clue as most other media is made in Taiwan).

So come on Kiwis! Let’s find that media!

Which burner do you buy? TY has an issue of vary burnt results and not easy to find at some places if you look for T01. I suggest you also look @ Ricoh & Mitsubishi. They also do well. :bigsmile:

I had not read that about the burn results varying - what burners have been incompatible with TY? I am currently using the Matshita burner that came with my Toshiba notebook but am going to buy an external sometime.

I have found some Panasonic DVD-R 4x Jewel Case Single Discs that are made in Japan at Farmers (Invercargill) for NZ$7.99 (expensive!) and some TDK DVD-R Jewel Case Single Discs at Bond and Bond, Noel Leeming & Play It Again Records also made in Japan for ~NZ$7 (still pricey).

These brands are on the list as being potential TY01 discs and being made in Japan certainly backs this up but I have not purchased any to verify the manufacturer’s ID yet.

Farmers reckon they will be getting some new stock soon that may include bulk packs so hopefully the price wil improve (not holding my breath though).

I am not too excited about these finds as the price is prohibitive for any kind of bulk purchase - ok for someone who uses very few discs though.

I have burnt a lot of discs in the last few years and have bought on line from Picosys who has a good selection but no TY and also from BlankCD who do have TY discs for about $1.70 each in ten packs.
Still not cheap and only 4x speed.
The best consistent quality I have had with over 500 discs burnt is with Ricoh branded discs. Try QMB Computers.
CMC were good while they were using TDK specifications but when that stopped they quickly became unreliable and a lot cheaper 50c per disc.
The big thing is the length of time you expect to keep the disc you can check your burn just after doing it then you can check it again in a years time and there will be CRC erors on it. Cheaper dyes and terrible quality are to blame.
Thanks for starting the thread.

The TDK -R will very likely be Maxell, which is very good media. Very close to TY in consistancy and quality.

Not in the Asia-Pacific region, rdgrimes.

TDK 1x-2x DVD-R MIJ and MIT = TDKG020000 (all types)
TDK 4x DVD-R MIJ = TYG01 or TTG01 (for Armour Plated)