Dvd media in canada?

hey all,

when i was living in the US there was a plethora of places to buy decent to excellent media online and at relatively cheap prices. now that i’ve moved back here to toronto, canada i can never find a place to buy decent media at decent prices. if i try to buy from US online stores, the shipping charges are usually almost half the price of the media if not higher.

does anyone have any places to recommend up here in the great white north or maybe even locally here in toronto?

The only site that I know of is www.blankmedia.ca

FutureShop or Bestbuy or even Staples. Just monitor their flyers or check online(FS and BB every fridays while Staples every two wednesdays). Right now at FS and Staples, the maxell DVD+R 8X in 25 pack spindles(made in japan) is $14.99. In FS, maxell,benq and mitsumi are on sale alternately. In BB, maxell, fuji and vakoss while in Staples, its Verbatim 16x, maxell(MIJ) and imation(ricohjpnr02). In my experience, i just use maxell 8X dvd+r, benq 8X dvd+r and imation 8X dvd+r. never had a problem, not even once.

RIGHT NOW you can order maxell 4x 100 packs from futureshop for 39.95 can with free shipping. You will not be able to find them on the site you will have to go to the weekly flyer on the site and click on them. They are on page 24 or 25. Then order them online while you still can, you will never beat this price.

The best part is I think maxell stopped making 100 pk of 4x because the last 2 times I have ordered them online and the last time I bought from the store they were 8x. These are MXLR03 and you get them for the same price as the 4x dvd-r’s…

THIS IS THE BEST DEAL I HAVE EVER SEEN, sale ends next friday. I have already ordered another 200 online and have a rain check in the local store for 400, and I got 200 sitting in front of me…

I have ordered several times from blankmedia.ca and they are excellent.

There is also mediadepot.ca but I have only ordered cases from them. Their selection of media is definitely not as good as blankmedia.ca’s selection.

Staples, Future Shop, etc. sometimes have good deals, but make sure you watch out for “Made in Japan” vs. “Made in Taiwan” because they can stock both.

NCIX.com tends to have specials on T-Y media. Check out their current weekly specials.