DVD media in Brisbane, Australia



I’ll be in Brisbane, Australia for quite some time.
Can anybody tell me where’s the best place to purchase DVD media, preferably near to the central business district
I’m looking for premium Verbatims and Taiyo Yudens that are reasonably priced.
Also, how frequent do the stores there have a sale.



I don’t live in Brissy, but in Sydney, and B&M stores in Oz seem to be quite unreliable for High Quality Media like TY.

For consistent supply, you’re looking at:

JBHIFI always keep Verbatim media in stock, some of which is TY.
But it’s also not consistent week to week.

Sales… what are they? I think we have stocktake sales from mid-end of June.

Also check this out regularly … http://club.cdfreaks.com/f58/dvda-r-cd-r-bargains-australia-89302/


You can buy them at http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf

Although for some stupid reason, they only stock DVD-Rs from Verbatim and TY.