Dvd media help please



i have a compuer based multi recorder which will record and play anything.
my problem is my standalone dvd recorder which i am using for vidio copying purposes, the plus R media i have recorded in it (goodmans x pro) have been unreadable on my computer and standalone dvd player neither of which are fussy about what they will play(usualy)any advice on which particular brands of +R redia are compatable or where i can find out this info would be appreciated …cheers


What is the exact brand and model # of your standalone recorder?


www.videohelp.com in the dvd player section


my standalone is a GOODMANS X PRO (+R/RW) thanks for the attached links most usefull


I’m not familiar with that unit but I would say try finding some Taiyo Yuden media to test in it.
Another option might be to buy some good DVD+RW media such as RICOHJPNW11 or MKMA02.