DVD Media for use with Sony DAV S400

I have just purchased a Plextor 708A writer and would like advice on which media to purchase that will work with my Sony DAV S400 player.

I have read that DVD R+ are best with Plextor 708A but a friend has said that DVD R- are better with Sony players?

Any advice please

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the forum danman1

Sorry, but you’re gonna have to test this for yourself. Either type may wrk for you if you buy good quality media.

I might be able to point you in the right direction - I have a Sony DVP-535D that is extremely fussy about the media I feed it. If these work for me, I would be fairly confident you would get a result too.

The following work perfectly in my DVD player, all are -R, BTW.

In no particular order of preference:

Ritek G03 (eg generic, Verbatim, Datasafe)
Ritek G04 (as above)
e-Proformance / Datawrite (Prodisc)
Mirror / Eclipse (AN31)

If you’re stopping about the 4Gb mark, the light green Bulkpaq has improved quite dramatically over the past 18 months - 2 years. I say 4Gb because about 50% of them give me trouble over that mark.

The following have worked for me before, but were obtained a long time ago:

Ice (from http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk, who do samples packs)
Choice Media White Labels
White Label (Dark Blue top)
Zero Defex

And I don’t touch with a bargepole:


There you go, matey, that should keep you going for a while !


Thank you for your detailed response Garry.

Have you a Plextor 708a Writer?

The reason I ask is that I have been told that the Plextor is fussy about the -R DVDs.

Thanks once again for finding the time to respond.

Best regards,


Sorry mate, I’m a Pioneer man. One of the reasons I like the 04 so much is that it defaults to a “safe” write strategy if you feed it a disc it doesn’t know and / or takes the write strategy off of the disc’s information if it’s not in its lookup table.

The upshot of this is it would probably write to a beer mat if I rounded the edges, but it also means I can’t vouch for the compatibility aspects with Plextor drives.

Sorry - you might have to try them yourself.

I know it’s bad etiquette to suggest other sites, but have a look at http://www.dvdrhelp.com. They also have some good forums on the go which might shed the information you need. I post there under garryheather if you wanted to look me up !